Saturday, 31 December 2011

December Music Purchases

 As Noddy Holder says, It's Christmas and therefore it's been a busy month for music purchases so here goes.....

Pearl Jam - Live On Ten Legs latest live instalment from Seattle’s finest. Includes them covering P.I.L‘s Public Image.

Smith & Burrows – Funny Looking Angels Can’t decide if this is a Christmas album or a Winter Album I don’t really care, what I know is it is brilliant. A great collaboration.

She and Him – A Very She and Him Christmas Lovely slightly off kilter Christmas album. Full of reworks of classic Christmas tunes.

Tom Waits – Original Album Series Always felt a bit guilty about not knowing enough about Tom Waits, this box set packages his first 5 albums together, Closing Time, The Heart Of Saturday Night, Nighthawks At The Diner, Small Change and Foreign Affairs. Should be able to decide whether I like Mr Waits or not by the time I have listened to them.

Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun & () Final couple of albums to complete my collection, making me realise that pre Takk Sigur Ros might just have been better than post Takk Sigur Ros.

David Sylvian – Sleepwalkers – Alchemy An Index of Possibilities – Darshan (with Robert Fripp) Picking up older Sylvian stuff when it’s cheap and one of his newer albums in preparation of seeing him perform in Manchester next April.

Dakota Suite – The Side of Her Inexhaustible Heart & The Hearts Of Empty 2 recent releases from one of my favourite bands/artists. As always beautiful stuff that makes the heart weep. More people should know this music.

The National – The National filling the final gap in this bands collection sure it will be as good as all the others.

Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material Really important punk album from 1979, reflecting on the troubles in Northern Ireland, songs like, Barbed Wire Love, Wasted Life, Johnny Was and Suspect Device are very honest accounts of life in Northern Ireland in the 70’s. SLF are sadly overlooked when we talk about classic punk bands but for me they were up there with the Pistols and The Clash.

Admiral Fallow – Boots Met My Face Found these guys via Twitter and the ever knowing @aldowonkenowbi I know nothing about them but I like what I hear.

The Leisure Society – Into The Murky Water another recommendation from Aldo, this version of the album comes with an extra CD of the band doing cover versions.

Phillip Selway – Familial finally caught up with debut release from the Radiohead drummer. I was impressed when I saw him support Wilco earlier this year, looking forward to hearing the album.

Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know Latest offering from the girl that can do no wrong at the moment, if it’s anything like the last 2 albums I will like a lot.

Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit One to watch in 2012 this album sounds like California in the 1970’s brought into 2011. Brilliant, hoping to catch him live in 2012.

Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo know nothing about this artist other than all the magazines had it in their top 50 albums 2011 so took a punt on it, he’s hoping it’s as good as the critics say.

The Darkness – Permission To Land Publically lambasted (he called me a twat) on Twitter by #Masterpieces picker @riggerthegeek for saying I could never get past the comedy of this band, I thought I’d give it another go (well it was £1 in Poundland). Suspect I’ll still be a twat after I have listened to it again but maybe I’ll be surprised!.

So there you go I think 170 albums bought this year, and a list of about another 170 I want. See you in 2012.

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  1. SLF amazing band.
    Still not sure I like Smith & Burrows or not?

    Happy New Year Andy