Thursday, 14 March 2013

Music Purchases February

The Webb Brothers – Maroon I’m pretty sure these guys are the siblings of Jimmy Webb, writer of Wichita Lineman, By The Time I Get To Phoenix and McArthur Park so they have so way to go to match their Father’s talents. All the review tell me this is a great album and it only cost me £1 so here is hoping....

David Gray – The EP’s 92-94 Gray is one of those artists that if somebody asked me if I was a fan I’d say “ yeah I like him but I’m not a huge fan” well this is my 10th David Gray CD so I guess I have to revise that statement. An album of his early EP doesn’t dip in quality and shows you what the artist was producing prior to his escalation into the charts.

Julia Fordham – The Collection I thought I had a bit of a soft spot for Julia Fordham as I had a few CD singles but in the early 90’s. This purchase proves that maybe I had carried this fondness falsely. The songs aren’t that strong and the arrangements are a bit clunky, Fordham has a great voice but I understand now why we don’t hear from her now.

Roachford – Get Ready For those who don’t know Roachford they were a late 80’s early 90’s band that incorporated soul, rock and pop to have a string of hit singles the biggest I guess being Cuddly Toy. After the hits dried up lead singer Andrew Roachford released an album of nu-soul (Matters of The Heart Vol.1) before reforming the band of one last album before they gave it. This purchase is really just filling in the gaps in his collection for me. Andrew Roachford can now be seen fronting Mike & The Mechanics. A food note after playing this I understand why I didn’t have this CD it’s fairly ropey and has already disappeared into the charity bag.

Pearl Jam – Vitalogy - Filling the gaps of my Pearl Jam collection a band I love whether you think they are cool or not.

Phil Campbell – Fresh New Life - Saviour’s Song – Joy, Daddy’s Chair - Phil Campbell started producing music under the name of White Buffalo many years ago, he then released a number of critically acclaimed albums that didn’t really sell and a few months ago I was bemoaning the fact that he was properly pulling pints in some pub in Glasgow wondering what went wrong. Turns out I wasn’t far wrong however at the end of last year he decided to form a new band The Temperance Movement and who I think will be big this year. I have managed to pick up a couple of his old albums cheaply as I think there might be a rush on them soon....

The Temperance Movement – The Pride EP see my last note re Phil Campbell this is a great 6 track EP, shades of The Black Crowes, soul drenched blues rock is how I would describe their sound. Remember the name I think you might hear it a lot this year.

Simone White – I Am The Man chilled modern folk, I have been wanting to look this artist up for a while and this album doesn’t disappoint. 

The Swell Season – Pure Joy Bought after an amazing Glen Hansard gig this is a brilliant album which Glen has recorded under one of his many guises.  Top notch song writing from the Irishman who just gets better and better.

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