Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Songs That I Love #80 - 10CC - Feel The Benefit

This track is taken from the first live albums I ever bought, released in 1977 I'm guessing I bought it around 1978 or 1979.

10cc were famous for sharp pop songs with multi-layered harmonies which gave them hits with God Morning Judge, I'm Not In Love and I'm Mandy Fly Me which are are all on this album, but I was drawn then and now to this 14 minute which in some ways is more prog rock then pop music. I have never looked up the original version of this song I have ever wanted to I'm happy with this one bass solo and all.

You went out on the street without your shoes on
You didn't listen what your momma said
She said you won't feel the benefit, won't feel the benefit
And if we all went out without our shoes on
Tell me where would we be, where would we be 

If all the people in the world lost their reason
What would we see, where would we be
If all the entertainers in the world lost their music
What would they play, what could they say
To pacify the crowd, to justify themselves
Won't feel the benefit 

You're like a cloud behind the sun
Like the face behind the clown
You're moving like the wrinkles in a frown
And you can never look back
A leaf that's borne upon the wind
A cardboard suitcase in your hand
The wanderer soon returns
And finds the colour of the grass is just the same
On the other side of the tracks, oh no 

Ooh when you smile it's like a holiday
Ooh pack your bags and we can get away
We'll float on a Queen down to Rio
There's no need to shave
We'll be stinking like rum in a punch 

You can walk on the water
You can dabble in the mumbo jumbo
You can smoke a little ganja
Float like a cloud over Rio, Rio
You can ride with the Gauchos
Swinging your bolas in a red bandana
You can run with the devil
Takin' your chances with Senorita 

You can drink a lot of coffee in Brazil
But the bill is gonna make you ill 


So, you can go out on the street and take your chances
But if you do, you better do it right
Or you won't feel the benefit, won't feel the benefit
Spin the wheel and take your chances
And your number might come up
Though the odds may be in favor of the house 

If all the people in the world would say together
We're all black and white, we're all day and night
If all the people in the world could sing together
How would it sound, what would we feel 

We'd all feel the benefit

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