Thursday, 31 March 2011

March Music Purchases

Elbow – Build A Rocket Boys like most of the world I have bought the latest Elbow release and it isn’t a disappointment. Elbow have officially become a Supermarket band and what I mean by that is they have become so popular the masses who buy most if not all of their music at the supermarket now like Elbow. Arena gigs and world domination await Elbow.

R.E.M – Singles Collected A compilation of R.E.M.s early singles A & B side’s £3 purchase and worth every penny. (Even if some of the B sides are a bit hit and miss)

Here is REM when they were gone.

Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart Canadian alternative rockers latest realise if it’s anything like the last 2 it will be epic.

Bread – Make It With You Bought on the back of Rumer covering Goodbye Girl, think my Mum or sister had a bread CD when I was in my teens, classic song writing, some tracks a little bit to twee for me but song great love songs on here.

Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica I bought this on the back of the sad death of Captain Beefheart and everybody saying this album was amazing, well it might be but not to my ear. Horrible noise, avant garde? Pretentious self indulgent crap more likes. Sorry Captain!

Dirty Sweet – Spiritual America retro rock from a band who should have been born about 25 years ago. For lovers of The Trews, Jet, and Stereophonics.

Phosporescent - Here’s To Taking It Easy Beautiful Americana and one of the albums of 2010. Understated music of the highest quality

Lemon Jelly – ’64-’95 bought this in a charity song thinking it was Jelly Fish, who was a 90’s melodic rock outfit. Then remembered that Lemon Jelly were actually dance combo that released number of critically acclaimed dance orientated CDs in the 90’s. So not what I expected but good.

Low Anthem – Smart Flesh brilliant follow up to Oh My God Charlie Darwin which was also brilliant. If you don’t know this band yet checks them out.

Iron & Wine Kiss Each Other Clean again wonderful Americana from grossly underrated artist consistently good.

Backfield – Welcome to my DNA wonderful melodic rock from Porcupine Trees Steve Wilson with his partner in crime for this band Avi Geffen. Not a lot that Steve Wilson does that isn’t amazing when I mean not a lot I really mean nothing!
Noah and The Whale – Last Night On Earth bought as have the others and this albums seems to be getting a lot of praise but haven’t listened to it yet

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  1. Excellent review of Captain Beefheart - I was never convinced by the "genius" tag so many put there.