Friday, 25 March 2011

Random Review #35 Divine Comedy - A Secret History

C3S2CD7 It must be about 10 years since I have played this CD, I only have this CD of the artist and it's a 'Best of' CD. Neil Hannon (who really is The Divine Comedy) could only be British, his songs are quintessentially British, titles like National Express (about UK national bus service) Something For The Weekend (phrase relates to fact the barber shops used to be the place men would by condoms and barber would say Something For The Weekend Sir) and other songs are populated with Michael Caine talking and sheep noises!

Neil Hannon released an album a couple of years ago under the name The Duckworth Lewis Method and all the songs were cricket related. The name of the band is named after a formula used to work out who has won a cricket match which has been called off for bad weather!

The Divine Comedy are a bit like The Beautiful South for me, as much as I like them, they are a little bit to clever for me and a Best Of Cd is about all I need. Saying that the first 10 songs on the compilation are brilliant examples of how to write pop songs. National Express is genius and the has one the greatest lines ever "and it's hard to get by when your arse is the size of a small country"  Everybody Knows (Except You) is a great love song. Other songs worth mentioning are Something For The Weekend, Becoming More Like Alfie, The Frog Princess and Tonight We Fly.

I don't thing I will buy another Divine Comedy CD, I haven't been exposed to any of his recent music and don't actively seek out his music but I think I'll listen to this CD a bit more often!

Mark 6/10

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