Friday, 17 June 2011

Random Review #71 Emiliana Torrini - Me And Armani

C6S3CD13 I saw North East hopefuls Let’s Buy Happiness advertised recently ‘for lovers of Scandinavian female vocals’ and although I found this a bit bizarre I understood exactly what they meant by the description. That quirky clipped English accent delivered in a sing-song manner.

I have no idea how I found out about Emiliana Torrini, but I ended up going to see her at The Sage Gateshead and bought this album at the concert. The gig was great Emiliana had that charm that is infectious and you can't help but like. Her stories were funny even when not that funny such was the delivery. Suffice to say I was taken enough with the artist and the music to buy the album.

I think this is Torrini’s second album, and although I haven’t got round to buying anymore of her music this is no indictment of Torrini’s music this is a really great album.

The style of the music changes from track to track, we have bits of reggae, (Me and Armani) power pop, (Jungle Drums) ballads, (Bleeder) and in Gun a real dark ominous song that if Nick Cave sang would sit perfectly on this murder ballads album. It’s hard not to compare the vocals with Bjork but that’s unfair on Torrini as she deserves to be listened to for her own music without comparison.

The album seems perfect for when the sun shines it is full of optimism and it feels like the sunshine beams out of this record, Torrini has been quiet for a while so I’m off find out what she’s is up to and when she’s got some new music coming out.


  1. wondered if anybody would miss it, and seemed I'd been going through a lot of albums I lliked so all were getting high scores....8/10