Thursday, 30 June 2011

Random Review #77 Jill Scott - The Real Thing Words And Sounds Vol.3

C7S9CD15 picked by @MMmmwa thanks Michelle.

Jill Scott is one of those artists that can turn her hand to anything, discovered by ?uestlove (from the band The Roots) delivering performance poetry he encouraged he to put her words to music, which started her on her musical career. So published poet and successful recording artist, it was suggested that she might try her hand and acting, anyone who say the BBC Sunday night drama The First Ladies Detective Agency will has experienced Scott as the main character of the series, so safe to say, talented lady.

This is Scott’s 3rd studio album they are all given the subtitle Words and Sounds which gives you what Scott feels about her music, just words and sounds....It follows a well worn path of the first two volumes chilled grooves, clever lyrics delivered with a great backbeat. The lyrics cover the usual bases for the most part, being in love, falling out of love etc, but there is a element of pro-feminism (and I mean that in a good way) about a lot of the lyrics. Hate On Me is really quiet aggressive in its delivery but it’s really saying stop bringing me down I don’t care what you say I’m going to be strong. Celibacy Blues is a fairly graphic description of what Scott is doing to cope with the absence of a ‘good man’ so to speak, maybe not a track to play when your folks come round!

Scott has just released a fourth studio album and has 2 live albums under her belt as well as a compilation of Collaborations where she has contributed to other artists albums which includes a wonderful duet with Darius Rucker (yes singer with Hootie and The Blowfish, but that’s a whole new blog!) so you can she a woman on a mission to get her work heard and long may it continue.

I would say that Scott’s debut (Words and Sounds Vol.1) is a stronger album but this is no slouch, and is worth investigation if you are not aware of Scott’s work.

Mark 7/10 

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