Sunday, 14 August 2011

Random Review #96 Feeder - The Singles

C2S6CD6 Feeder are a bit like The Stereophonics, nobody’s favourite band but always able to pull a crowd. They both play what music that accepted by both the indie and hard rock audiences. They play a mix of melodic rock with the odd sensitive ballad thrown in for good measure, both started a three piece band and as I write this I realise that both have lost drummers in tragic circumstances, (Feeders original drummer committed suicide and Stuart Cable, Stereophonics original drummer died of a drug overdose last year).

This album is a singles collection and to be honest is enough for me, 20 tracks documenting the raise of Feeder and I suspect this will cover the best of Feeders career. I know it’s a singles collection rather than a Greatest Hits collection but it’s about 5 or 6 tracks to long, and exposes the fact that Feeder only really have 2 tracks, the up tempo pop rock in the style of Buck Rodgers, Lost And Found etc and the slower paced ballads of Just The Way I’m Feeling, and the likes of Comfort In Sound. This isn’t a bad thing as they do both styles very well but over this CD to the casual listener you wonder if you have gone all the way round the CD and started at the beginning again.

Feeder owe a lot to Foo Fighters and going back further Cheap Trick, who both ploughed this musical field a while ago, delivering catchy pop rock songs in under three minutes or less. There are some great tracks on here and it’s understandable why they were hits, particularly Just a Day, Just The Way I’m Feeling, Pushing The Senses and Buck Rodgers. Just A Day had a great video which was made up of loads of clips of Feeder fans playing air guitar to the song, they had all filmed themselves and sent it to the group, it makes for a fun and I suspect cheap video!

I have condescended this album to 12 tracks on a playlist on my iPod and this suits me perfectly, all killer no filler, as I feel the less popular single add very little to this album.

I haven’t had the chance to see Feeder live where I suspect they will excel, so guess I should make an effort to catch them next time around.

Mark 6/10

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