Sunday, 4 September 2011

Random Review #105 Mew - "And The Glass Handed Kites"

C4S8CD5 When a band labels their music as ‘pretentious art rock’ and gives songs titles like ‘Circuitry of the Wolf’, ‘Saviours of Jazz Ballet (Fear Me, December)’ and ‘An Envoy to the Open Fields’ it should send alarm bells ringing and most should the CD firmly on the rack, but for some reason I bought this CD and I have to say I’m pleased I did.

Mew are from Denmark and although this was their 4th album it was only the 2nd to be released worldwide. I think when they labelled their music ‘pretentious’ they were joking our maybe not? I would class the music as modern progressive and usually the mention of progressive music leads quickly to the mention of pretentious and self indulgent. I’m not saying this album is that neither am I saying this album is progressive as in progressing music but it is left of centre of mainstream music. Lyrics that on the whole are indefinable, rhythms are off kilter and change when you are least expecting, but you also get hooks that make you sing along to lyrics you can’t understand, snappy tunes that aren’t too long, and a band that sit with The Mars Volta as doing something different from the most.

This album at times reminds me of Mansun which in my opinion is a great thing and is worth a listen if anybody fancies something a little bit different.

Mark 7/10

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