Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Random Review #112 The Wallflowers - Collection 1996-2005

C6S9CD9 Formed in 1989 The Wallflowers released their self titled debut in 1992 which interestingly is omitted from this compilation which is culled from their four albums realised as the title suggests between 1996 and 2005. For those that don’t know The Wallflowers were the band of Jakob Dylan, son of Bob but other than a name the 2 share very little in common with regard to musical styles or appearance for that matter.

The Wallflowers play American rock music somewhere between the Counting Crows and REM and although Jakob now is producing solo music a lot closer to his father he’ll never be held in the same esteem as Bob (very few are).

The compilation is a fair reflection of The Wallflowers career and what I mean by that is there are 5 tracks from the first album (Bringing Down The Horses) 4 tracks from their 2nd album (Breach) 3 from their 3rd (Red Letter Days) and 2 from their final album (Rebel Sweetheart) and I suspect if I looked up album sales they would replicate this decline. They started brightly with Bringing Down The Horses with One Headlight, 6thAvenue Heartache and Three Marlenas all achieving American chart success. This album is by far the strongest album of the four and although I like the other three they failed to deliver the hit tunes that they deserved. Tagged on the end of this album are 2 unreleased tracks which add very little to this compilation, but such is the want of record companies now they feel they need to add ‘new’ tracks on the end of Greatest Hits albums to make idiots like me who already have all the albums buy the Greatest Hits. 

If you like melodic rock served up in an American style then this might be an artist you might like to look up.

Mark 7/10

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