Thursday, 20 February 2014

Songs I Love #46 Grand Drive - Nobody's Song In Particular

I'm surprised it has taken me 46 songs to get round to my first Danny Wilson song but then again I have so many that mean so much to me I could dedicate the next 10 songs to Danny's songs and still have a bucket full of others waiting to be used.

For those of you that not familiar with Danny George Wilson's work he started out in the band Grand Drive, then released a solo album before forming Danny and The Champions of The World. One of my favourite live artists Danny can be found gigging across the UK and is well worth checking out live.

This song means a lot to me, as does the message at the bottom of this page which technically means this song is mine!

Don't let me down
It's happened before
I'll be in a bar
I'll sit by the door
I'll be in the crowd
I'll be in the crowd
They used to be friends
But not any more
So don't let me down
don't let me down again
It's taking so long
It's taking its time
It's taking me down
It's taking my smile
Every thing's real
Where there used to be dreams
I used to have faith
Buts It's not all it seems
Don't let me down
Don't let me down again

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