Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Songs That I Love #50 Slide - Why Is It Crime


In 1989 three bands from Glasgow released their debut albums, Texas (Southside) GUN (Taking On The World) and Slide (Down So Long) I bought all three and played them all until they were virtually worn out.
Now we all know that Texas when on to international success and I suspect that you all remember at least GUN's cover of Cameo's Word Up but I'm guessing not many of you remember the hits of Slide as in truth they hardly bothered the charts.
There are a couple of versions of this video on the Internet as it looks like the single was released more than once, which makes me think even the record company thought they had a sure fire hit with this band.
I still listen to this album a lot, in fact a lot more than I listen to the other 2 mentioned!
Undecided, loyalties too dived to see
Your searching for reasons to justify your trust in me
Breaking hearts lodging broken souls
Opening your eyes, twisting an open mind.
Why is it a crime
Oh why to believe in me
Why is it a crime
Oh why to believe in me
Your illusions, money won't alter, can't you see
Sooner or later you'll find you need help, need help from me
You ask the question
Where your life should be
But I know that one day, you'll realise, you'll see
Do you feel like I don't need you now
Tell me do you feel your trust betrayed
Still divided why are you so undecided
You think you'll never find someone to twist your open mind
Oh why, got to believe in me
Oh I try so hard, just to make you see
Why is it a crime
Oh why, to believe in me
Oh why is it a crime, why is it a crime
Oh why, to believe in me.

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