Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Songs That I Love #37 Secret Affair - Time For Action

If we forget about the Leo Sayer cassette my parents bought me when I was 13 (and trust me I like to forget about it!) the first real music I got into when I was a kid was rock music or Heavy Metal as it was called then. Most of my school was either a (heavy) rocker or a 'Mod' as this rivalry had raised it's head for a second time. Although both my feet were firmly in the rock camp, (my uniform of choice was, black tour t-shirt, leather biker jacket and white baseball boots) I always had an ear for a tune. I remember buying this much to the disgust of my mates as it was a Mod record, but to me it was just a great tune. I still love it now.

Standing in the shadows,
Where the in-crowd meet
We're all dressed up for the evening
We hate the punk elite
So take me to your leader
Because its time you realised...


That this is the time
This is the time for action (time for action)
This is the time to be seen (time to be seen)
This is the time for action
Time to be seen

They can laugh in our face
Cos we know we're right
Looking good's the answer
And living by night
So take me to your leader
Because its time you realised...


Look at Sweet Julia
Speeding on the late night train
They're laughing at the way she dresses
Too smart and clean
But she don't care
because she know's she's right
And you know we're only two steps away

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