Monday, 21 June 2010

Gig #18 2010 The Hoax

I went to see The Hoax last night at The Cluny in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Hoax realised a three great blues rock albums, Sound Like This, Humdinger, and Unimpossible before breaking up.

They reformed in 2008 and the response from fans was so good they have decided to give a go again and I'm glad they did. The Cluny, is a great venue that is grown in reputation over the last few years and although not full, there was a good turn out for a World Cup night.

We were treated to 1hr 45 of high energy blues, blistering guitar solos and great harp playing, a bizarre moment when 3 members of the band all played the same guitar at the same time! (Amazing) and two blistering cover versions, The Beatles, Come Together and Stevie Wonder Superstition which was the encore and lasted 15 minutes.

I don't go to see many blues bands now, it's a genre I don't listen to much now, but went to this gig out of nostalgia and I'm glad I did. It you get a chance to see the The Hoax take it you won't be disappointed.


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