Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I spend far to much time listening to music, reading about artists, going to gigs, and generally obsessing about music, and can sometimes see my friends eyes glazing over when I talk about music, so this is to give me an outlet to all my thoughts with regard to music I have heard, gigs I have been to, and generally what's going on in my head i.e. can you really tell the different between, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket and Alberta Cross ? All great bands but to a casual observer they all sound similar, and seem to merge into a big mass of facial hair and plaid shirts. I wonder if they swapped drummers for a night would we really notice.

At the beginning of this 2011 I started a project that would force me to listen to 3 CD's a week, from my collection on a random basis. I use a very complexed process, (3 envelopes with numbers in!!) I pick 3 numbers that related to the column,(1-11) the shelf (1-12) and the CD number (1-16), it you do the maths you'll release I have a fair few CD's and I'll only manage to review 156 this year through this project but it has been good fun so far. Sometimes I pick the numbers myself sometimes it's done via Facebook and Twitter, it you want to get involved then leave me 3 numbers in the comments box and I will review your choice.

My other blog entries are usually my Recent Music Purchases, Songs That I Love, which is an occasional series of one off song choices, gig reviews and the odd random though on music in general. Hope you enjoy.

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