Monday, 21 June 2010

Love of Music or Obsession?

When does a love of music become an obsession? I'm not really sure, I would say that I love music, but others would say that I'm obsessed ( In a good way I think/hope) but obsessed I don't think I am!

I know a lot about music.....

I can tell you that Ben & Jerry's Have named 4 flavours of Ice Cream after songs or bands;

1. Cherry Garcia - after Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia
2. One Sweet Whirl - After Dave Mathews Band song One Sweet World
3. Phish Food - after band Phish
4. Bohemian Raspberry - after the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody

I get requests from people half my age to for recommendations of who to see at Glastonbury, and usually I'm the first to be asked who's this and have you got the CD?

I check the gig listings a least once or twice (truthfully 3 or 4) times a week to ensure I haven't missed any gigs being announced, and trawl Facebook and the other social Media sites to sign up to official artist pages so that I don't miss out on announcements.

I read 3 or 4 music magazines a month and usually get a free CD with most which listen to in order to discover new music.

TV programmes and films are constant sources of new music, (found M Wards brilliant cover of Bowie's Lets Dance on the film Eagle v Shark).

I don't think I have an obsession, maybe a healthy interest in music, but if you really want to know which songs, accompanied the scenes in Greys Anatomy when the bomb disposal unit guy dies and Dr Bailey is having her baby then give me a shout ! ( Breathe (2AM) by Anna Narlick if you really need to know was playing for both!)

Obsessed yes maybe.....


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