Monday, 7 June 2010

June: Purchases, Bargains, and Hidden Treasures So Far..........

Picked up an eclectic mix of music so far this month;

  • Jeff Buckley - Grace Around The World CD and DVD £5.99
Another trawl through Jeff''s back catalogue, saying that some great live versions of all of his well know tracks.

  • The Jayhawks - Anthology Music From The North Country Deluxe Edition £8.99
The 1 CD version of this CD is a great introduction to The Jayhawks but as I have all their Cd's it's the deluxe version I have been after that includes a DVD of videos and promos. For those not aware of The Jayhawks they fall into the Alternative Country/Americana genre of music and play beautifully crafted songs with strong harmonies.
  • Billy Joel - The Stranger Box Set 2Cd's and DVD £9.99
Never been a fan of Billy Joel especially Up Town Girl onwards, but this CD includes a song from my youth Moving Out (Anthony's Song) which I have found memories of. What you get with this box set, the original CD a life concert from around the time, and also a DVD of a extended performance form The Old Grey Whistle Test ( for those who can remember this) Billy and the band come over as young musicians really on there game, with a sense of urgency the really comes across in the performance.

I bought all of these at JG Windows in Newcastle upon Tyne and are all substantially cheaper than I can find them elsewhere either on the high street or online.

  • Natalie Merchant - Retrospective 1990-2005 Deluxe Edition
Again I bought this for the additional CD of rarities, covering tracks recorded with REM and Billy Bragg amongst the 15 additional tracks.

  • Justin Currie - The Great War
The second solo release from the main songwriter from Del Amitri, Justin never disappoints giving us another CD of bittersweet love songs including the amazing The Fight To Be Human.

  • Fyfe Dangerfield - Fly Yellow Moon
Solo release from singer from The Guillemots, sounds very much like a Guillemots release but can't pretend that isn't a good thing. CD back in the public eye due to the cover of Billy Joel's More Than A Woman.

  • The Duke & The King - Nothing Gold Can Stay
Amazing Album by Simon Felice (The Felice Brothers) and friends simply quiet amazing mix of soul, Americana, funk, and everything in between. an amazing live experience if you can catch them.

  • Train - Save Me, San Francisco
Great pop rock release by the Bay rockers that last troubled the British charts with Drops Of Jupiter, The track Hey, Soul Sister is getting lots of air play and hopefully this will give them the exposure in the UK they deserve.

  • Ben Howard - These Waters
Please see my last blog about Ben, great CD.

  • Charity Shop CD singles
I bought 6 CD singles in a charity shop today for £2 primarily for the extra tracks, these included singles by the artists, Texas Del Amitri, Tal Bachman, Lifehouse and Five for Fighting. The FFF release is Superman a great track from the America Town CD, it has 3 live acoustic versions of album track on and this is why I bought it, turns out Amazon Market place has 3 copies for sale for around £50-£60, as I have now added tracks to i-pod, might try and sell it but feel would have to donate any profit back to charity. Over singles have already been recycled into charity bag, once added to I-tunes.

  • Mark Oliver Everett - Things The Grandchildren Should Know
This is the autobiography of E from Eels a very honest and frank and humorous insight in his life so far, the dead of his parents and his sisters suicide, and his dealing with the ever changing world that is the music industry, whilst trying to hold onto his beliefs and integrity.

Bye for now.


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