Sunday, 3 April 2011

Random Review #40 Kelly Clarkson - My December

C2S10CD5 Before I start I have to mention that this CD was picked by @alnwickist cat lover and tea obsessive, who is busy setting up a business in Northumberland so all support would be greatly appreciated.

I can hear the screams from some of my Twitter Friends, Kelly Clarkson well let me explain.

I bought a CD/DVD of the Live Earth event (very cheaply) as it had a couple of tracks on I wanted, John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band if I remember correctly. Following on after the DMB track was a track by Kelly Clarkson - Sober. Now I don't watch X-factor and Pop Idol but I am aware as most of the names of at least some of the winners, and I think Kelly Clarkson won the first series of the American version of Pop Idol. Now I assumed that she would have a good voice (true) but what I was surprised about was that I liked the song. I had just gone through the end of a relationship and maybe that was why but truthfully I still love this one track.

I bought the album on the back of this as it was £3 on Amazon and think I listened to it once, listening to it again, I can safely say Kelly's break-up must have been a lot worse than mine as the whole album is break-up songs and although I have some great break-up records, Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago, and Adele's 21, this isn't one of them. Titles like, Never Again, Judas, and Don't Waste Your Time, should give you an idea of how this album goes, however Sober is still a great song, maybe it's a fluke but hey I even like Leona Lewis' version of Run by Snow Patrol.

I once dated a girl, possibly the most beautiful looking  girl I have ever dated who loved the song Sober and would ask me to play it on repeat, I asked her what she thought the song was about, and she replied that Kelly Clarkson must have given up drinking.......we didn't last long!

Another one for the charity shop!

Mark 2/10

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