Friday, 15 April 2011

Random Review #45 Gomez - In Our Gun

C4S9CD13 picked by ex colleague and twitter mate @robfederick blues lover and fan of odd shaped balls.......

Gomez shot onto the music scene with Bring It On and promptly won the Mercury Music Award, sadly they have never quite reached the peak of their debut and although have released some good material since, this album is not one of them. Bizarrely they appear to be bigger in the US now than in the UK where they really seem to have dropped off the radar.

I have listened to this album all week at least 5 times and I have tried to write this blog 3 times and have stopped every time, because I couldn’t think of anything nice to say. It isn’t a bad album but it’s not good either, it wash’s over you and before you know it is finished and you don’t have anything to hang onto or say about it. All the Gomez traits are hear blues related tunes, good vocals but it lacks something that made Bring It On so special.

I have 6 Gomez albums so I class myself as a fan, but it feels like Gomez were trying too hard with this release, the first track Shot Shot has a saxophone part which is straight out of a Morphine song ( anyone remember them, guy played to sax at the same time!) and is just alright. It sounds like Gomez have added loops and drum machines to this album and one part actually sounds industrial. The track Army Dub actually sounds like Autobahn by Krauftwerk honestly!( check out vidoe below) Maybe they were trying to stretch themselves but I’m not sure why leave that to Radiohead lads!

Best track to look for is Rex Kramer which does sound like classic Gomez but sadly not much else on the album reaches this standard.

If you are new to Gomez buy Bring It On, it’s brilliant, steer clear of this one!

Mark 4/10

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