Saturday, 2 April 2011

Randon Review #39 Ferraby Lionheart - Catch The Brass Ring

C4S8CD2 this CD was picked by another Twitter pal @dompaczko a man more obsessed with music than me and an all round good guy. Check out his blog Choose My Music the link is on my page (and choose his music if you are quick!)

I suspect if Ferraby Lionheart is his real name then he might have had a tough time at school, (he would have at my school!) but hey it now seems the coolest name in the world.

This was his debut and he has since released a second album, although critically acclaimed I don't think it sold well and his 2nd (The Jack Of Hearts) may have been self funded as I think he was trying to raise funds through the Pledge scheme offering to play gigs in your front room etc for donations of money.

The music sits within the genre of beautifully crafted singer songwriter, and reminds me a little of Ed Harcourt, (another woefully overlooked artist) the band and instrumentation changes from song to song,with 16 musicians finding their way on to this album. The songs has a subtle grace to them. A New Orleans style jazz role opens Before We're Dead and the song skips along with a chorus that demands to be sung. This is a really strong debut, and the only thing I would say on the negative side is that his vocals are slightly on the quirky side, and might put some people off.

With so many talented artists out there just getting by, Ron Sexsmith, EdHarcourt, Josh Ritter to name but three, I hope that there is room for Ferraby Lionheart as the world needs music like his rather than another X-factor/Pop Idol winner. Hope you enjoy.


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