Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Story So Far Random Reviews

As the page views seem to be increasing and I have about 100 extra Twitter followers since I started my Random reviews in January thought I would take a minute to explain what I'm doing in case you didn't know.

Like most I'm guilty of playing my favourite CD's rather than some of the one's I've dismissed as OK, or just can't remember how good/bad they are. As you can see a have a few CD's, roughly about 1900 excluding downloads and box sets etc. So in January I embarked on a challange to listen to 3 CD's a week picked at random, and as I had his blog thought I would write down my thoughts after listening to the CD.

I set up a very compilcated random selection system, (I'm joking here) 3 envelopes with squares of numbered card in, that depicted the column. shelf and CD. I started picking these myself but time has moved on they are now mostly picked by Twitter and Facebook friends.

I listen to the CD's a minimum of 2 times, and truthfully sometimes that's how many times I have listened to them previously. As I write this I'm listening to the next pick to be reviewed for the 4th time. I have enjoyed it so much. So far I have sent two CD's to the charity shop Cody Chesnutt and Kelly Clarkson, rediscovered how much I love Prefab Sprout, and to some extent relived times in my life that were just distant memories to me, as the albums evoked a time or a place in the past for me good and bad! I have been surprised to how much I have enjoyed this and look forward to the picks being made.

I intend to do this for 2011 which will only cover 156 CD's and doing a rough calculation it would take be about 12 years to get through my existing collection, not allowing for the new stuff I buy on a monthly basis.

If anybody that reads this who doesn't follow me on Twitter wants to pick some numbers for me. I need 3 numbers 1st number between 1=10 2nd Number between 1=12 and 3rd number between 1-16. Leave them in the comments box and I'll dig out the CD's.

Who knows what the rest of the year will turn up for me to listen to but hopefully it will be as fun as the first 50!