Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Random Review #55 Ironing Board Sam - Human Touch

C9S11CD10 picked by @aldowankenobi and column 9 takes me deep into blues territory in my collection and possibly one of the weirdest CDs I own.

The weird bit is given away in the artist’s name - Ironing Board Sam. Sam Moore plays his piano blues with his keyboards perched on an ironing board, and having done a bit of research on Sam it appears that this isn’t the only time he has turned his blues playing into a bit of a novelty act in order to make a living. Moore has played whilst underwater, (don’t ask as I don’t know) but had to stop as he couldn’t get his tank into most clubs. He has also encased himself and his keyboards in a giant jukebox and played requests from the public when they put money into his ‘Human Jukebox’. For me this pangs of trying to divert attention from the music and listening to the CD I suspect this is the truth.

The liner notes mention that Moore auditioned for three of the major soul and blues record labels of the 70’s -  Hi, Stax, and Chess - but for some reason didn’t get signed. Well, again having listened to the CD, I know why; he isn’t that good! I suspect that if you were ever in New Orleans and wandered into a bar and he was playing you would have a great night but in isolation the music is nothing more than average at best. Most of the tracks are originals as Moore says he prefers singing his own compositions but there is really nothing to say about the songs. I have around 200 blues CDs and sometimes it isn’t the most original of genres, however most artists can get a blues rhythm going so that you can get drawn into the song but there is nothing here that does that for me. The album comes to a close with the only cover, “Danny Boy” or “Oh Danny Boy” as Moore calls it. This is painful rendition of the traditional song which brings the album to a close. The only saving grace of the CD is that it is only about 35 minutes long.

I bought this album in the days before the internet from an amazing mail order blues company called Red Licks, it was in the bargain section and the album art intrigued me. I won’t throw it out as I think it’s something of a novelty, (that and the fact that the 2 copies for sale on Amazon are £25 and £35!) but I won’t be listening to it again.

Track on video below isn't on album but it gives you a feel for the artist.

Mark 3/10 (for the novelty value)


  1. The question is - did you give it the full two or three listens before writing the review?

  2. Yep 2 full listen's, no more mind!