Thursday, 19 May 2011

Random Review #60 Zero 7 - Simple Things

C7S11CD14 Picked by @jazadal, exiled Bostonian, adopted Geordie, fanatical Red Sox, Celtics, and Newcastle United fan, oh yeah not a bad script writer either! 

This selection finds me listening to a CD I haven’t listened to for 8 or 9 years and I blame Channel 4 and BBC2 for this!

The reason I blame these channels for this, is that on the whole these channels are the producers of interior design and food programmes and as I listen to this CD good as it is I can’t help myself wanting to pan round the room looking for a vast expanse of beautiful looking bowls and plates overflowing with tasty treats or a spotlessly clean kitchen that has cost more than would cost to feed a family of 4 for the year! The reason this CD evokes that reaction in me is that the songs from this CD have been used extensively for that type on interiors programme that reflects a 30 something lifestyle of 2 happily married professionals with too much time and money on their hands so they decide that the only marble suitable for their kitchen must have been hand crafted in Italy by a blind man to ensure it has the right ‘Feel’ for their kitchen! I not condemning this type of behaviour (well maybe I am) but 10 years ago I would have been one of those very people!

So rant over lets detach the music from the emotion (something I sometimes find very hard to do) and talk about what a great album this is and that at the time of its release it really captured the hearts and minds of the general public (and then programme sound trackers!) A mix of songs either with male vocals (Morez) female vocals (Sia) or instrumentals, the constant theme is a very chilled vibe that washes over you like a warm wave on the beaches of Ibiza where I suspect this album has been played to death. 

The music is rich in sound, and layers, the vocals are immaculate and you find that once you start listening to this album you continue to the very end and everything seems ok with the world. It’s aurally the equivalent of a full body massage, if you get my drift. This album is beautifully put together and arranged, acoustic guitars, lush string arrangements, and loose bass lines that hold the songs together and make for an album that's great to listen to and makes me want to be sitting in the sun with a beer in my hand.

I think Zero 7 released another album and I know Sia has released a number of albums but truthfully my love affair with  Zero 7 began and finished with this album, a bit like Moby's Play a bit too much of a good thing can make you hate it! (for a while at least)

Right I’m off to tile the kitchen or bake a cake but if you want your house to sound like an episode of Grand Designs then this is the CD for you!

Mark 8/10

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