Friday, 27 May 2011

Random Review #63 Local Natives - Gorilla Manor

C4S10CD13 Picked by Neil Harvey A friend for nearly 40 years, Newcastle United fanatic, and someone why already thinks my taste in music is weird and this choice isn’t going to change his opinion!
Released in 2009 I discovered Local Natives after downloading a free track on Amazon, I had already been switched on to Grizzly Bear and Yeasayer around the same time who had established themselves and were releasing critically acclaimed albums,Vectimast and Old Blood, whilst this was Local Natives debut and although for me is as strong if not better than the other two mentioned didn’t seem to attract the same amount of attention.

It has all the hallmarks of the New York scene where all of these bands hail from, complicated instrumentation, quirky time changes, Beach Boy like harmonies and great tunes. Fashion wise they tread that path of looking slightly geeky all cardigans and moustaches.

There is a brightness to this album, listening to it again it feels perfect for the spring it’s full of optimism a positively skips along with dancing beats and soaring harmonies. Highlights for me are hard to pick out as the album is strong throughout but Wide Eyes, World News, and Camera Talk are three stand out tracks.

It appears Local Natives are busy recording their second album and I’m hoping that it will propel them to the level of admiration that is lauded upon Grizzly Bear, but in the meantime try this album it’s very good.

Mark 8/10


  1. Ordered today!!

    Getting a lot of new stuff from you - I may have to burgle your house, it would be cheaper...

  2. Nice - Like Simon - I might be grabbing this one myself

  3. Great single, great video. Will check the album.

  4. there is a great youtube video of them covering Simon and Garfunkels Cecilia just brilliant