Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Random Review #56 Mo Solid Gold - Brand New Testament

C5S10CD11 picked by @JFH89 another spurs supporter (they get everywhere), and football fan in general who also has an eye for music and will be picking #masterpieces soon. (If you don’t know about #masterpieces by now click on the link and get involved we haven’t had an overseas picker yet and that would be great)

When I pulled this CD from the shelf I didn’t hold up much hope as I had dismissed this group as a one track wonder some years ago - I only had the lead single Personal Saviour on my iPod and nearly put the CD out a few years ago when I was trying to trim my collection down a bit. A quick glance at Amazon where you can buy a copy of this for 14p (about 20c)  backed up my thoughts that this wasn’t going to be a great listen, so it’s with great pleasure that I can say that it’s much better than I anticipated and although not a hidden gem it does have its moments.

This looks like it was Mo Solid Gold’s only release and without chart success they were very quickly relegated to the bargain bin (where I found this) after failure to ignite the singles charts (which were still important when this was released in 2001). I loved the track Personal Saviour and remember the video getting quite a bit of screen time on the music channels and it is a vibrant rock song falling somewhere between Roachford and Reef if I was looking for musical references. The likeness to Roachford doesn’t end there, with the vocals of ‘K’ (I think that was his name or letter that he went by) bearing a close resemblance to Andrew Roachford in style, tone and lyrical delivery.

This is a solid if not amazing album, as mentioned, Personal Saviour was a great single and they also do an interesting cover of Massive Attack’s Safe From Harm.  The rest are good soul/rock songs with the odd bit of gospel backing vocals thrown in for good measure.

I’ll not throw this album out now, but I can’t say I’ll put anymore on my iPod than the track I already have. I would say though that I enjoyed listening to it again and didn’t want to flick through the tracks like I have done when I’ve been reviewing other CDs!

Mark 6/10

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