Thursday, 21 July 2011

Random Review #87 South San Gabriel - The Carlton Chronicles Not Until The Operations Through

C11S10CD11 I’m going to write 2 reviews of this album both are appropriate for the album but I suspect that both will appeal to entirely different audiences and if I mixed review number 2 with review 1 I think I might switch some people off so here we go.

Review number one....

This is a beautiful album of Americana which is written entirely by someone called Will Johnson. He is backed by a stellar band of musicians and the main vocals are taken care of by Brent Best. The album is beautifully quiet and aches at points with playing that compliments the delicate songs. Mandolin, Pedal Steel, banjo and something called a Baritone Guitar all make appearances which is amazing as on most tracks there seems to be little other than the vocals and one or two instruments on the tracks. There are nine tracks my favourite’s being I Feel Too Young To Die and Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

If you like beautifully crafted music with a tinge of country about it then this album just might be for you.

Review number two......

This is a concept album that details one night in the life of a cat, called Carlton. It chronicles his attempts to catch Ron the Sparrow, woo Kittyphone his female cat he has a crush on, avoid Ranon the Dog, and a chance meeting with a Possum. It’s split into three parts, 1.A Conflict, 2. A Departure and 3. Atonement, although a young cat the night holds a number of events and as mentioned my favourite tracks are I Feel Too Young To Die and Stupid IS As Stupid Does and this details the scrape with the possum and ultimately him jumping to flee and breaking his leg.

Without the story and the pictures within the CD booklet you wouldn’t know that this was an album about a cat. The music stands up on its own right and the lyrics are so oblique that you aren’t aware they document the night antics of a cat!

This is a clever album made by some great musicians that deserves a bigger audience.


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