Sunday, 2 October 2011

Random Review #114 Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax Vol.5

C5S3CD16 For those that know me know of my love for the Dave Matthews Band. The strange thing is that I still haven’t found anybody else in the UK that likes DMB. I have been lucky enough to see Dave 4 times around the UK and Ireland and although the numbers seem to be growing the first time I ever saw Dave Matthews I suspect at least 80% of the audience were North American fans following the band from gig to gig.

I understand why people don’t ‘get’ DMB. If you look at them in isolation their songs don’t fit the norm, they don’t do verse, chorus, verse, they have a classically trained violinist as a band member, they are prone to extend their songs to 15 or 20 minutes in length depending on how they feel, they don’t play the same set list two nights in a row, and often play cover versions that they love, from reggae to rap. For all those I love this band but understand why people don’t as they don’t conform.

DMB have built their success on delivering what their fans want, whether that be constantly playing live, allowing fans to record live shows, allowing file sharing on the internet of the vase amount of merchandise that you buy from the website. DMB are known for their live performances and this album is one of 20 Live Trax Volunes that are available from the bands website. This are handpicked from the bands digital vault and cover their whole career. This is Live Trax Vol.5 and is from 1995 and was their performance at The Meadow Brook Music Festival, although it’s not my favourite Live Trax release (I have most) I have enjoyed the trip back in time as the material played is all older and it’s all fairly chilled and relaxed until about half way through the set when they launch into a 13 minute version of Exodus by Bob Marley. I suspect reggae lovers will be appalled by this version but it works for me and then moves into a 15 minute version of Jimi Thing which for me makes for a great 30 minutes of music.

This isn’t the greatest album for people who are new to DMB you would be better off buying The Best Of What’s Around which is a Best of covering a live and studio album. I will continue to love and buy music by the Dave Matthews Band and maybe just maybe I might just find someone else in the UK who likes them!.


This isn't the exact version of Exodus from the album, but it's from around the same time so gives you an idea.....

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