Thursday, 20 October 2011

Random Review #122 Kevin Mcdermott Orchestra - Mother Nature's Kitchen

C4S5CD9 An album I first owned on vinyl automatically says to me that it’s an old album but I was shocked to see that it was released in 1989, 22 years ago. Like most of my vinyl it has subsequently been replaced by the small shining discs and looking at the CD I notice that Kevin McDermott Orchestra were signed to Island Records so I suspect big things were expected from thisthe  album. Looking at the video I have posted it was filmed in Mexico and looks like it had a big budget which re-enforces this thought.

At the time I guess U2 could do no wrong, and on the back of that success The Waterboys and The Hothouse Flowers had hit the charts and I guess lots of labels were looking for that brand of Celtic rock that would bring them a hit album. Unfortunately this album failed to bother the charts which is sad as it’s not a bad album.

As mentioned it ploughs that semi-acoustic, sing along type music that was popular at the time but it lacks the killer single that The Waterboys (Whole of the Moon) and the Hothouse Flowers (Don’t Go) both had. This album is enjoyable without setting your world alight, there is nothing that offends or makes you him the skip button but conversely there is nothing that demands to be listened to and makes you go wow where did that come from.

Opener Wheels of Wonder, Where We Were Meant To Be, and the closing Healing At The Harbour are all worth a mention as they have pace and ambition to be contenders for that big hit, but just fail to deliver on their opening promise.

Kevin McDermott has continued to produce music, I know I have bought a couple of albums (albeit from the bargain bin!) and was also one third of the Scottish Comedy ‘super group’ know as The Uncle Devil Show (Justin Currie from Del Amitri was also involved).

If I had to describe this album I would say it was a ‘nice’ album it doesn’t offend nor does it challenge it floats along and before you know it it’s over but it passes you by, and sadly NICE albums don’t become best sellers.

Mark 6/10


  1. I think that's fair comment on this album. I remember working in a bar and someone brought in a promo cassette a few months before initial release and I played it a few times but the killer punch just wasn't there. 'Wheels of Wonder' came out twice at the time as a single, and then a slightly different version a couple of years later, but that was probably their best shot. By way of a publicity shot, three purchasers got the whole 'Orchestra' to play in their house. Are you, by any chance, one of the three purchasers?

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I think Wheels of Wonder caught my ear when it came out and I originally bought this album on vinyl. Looking back I seem to have a liking for any band with a Celtic connection, either popular, Waterboys, Big Country, Simple Minds, U2 to the less popular, The Silencers, CActus World News, Love & Money etc. I have picked up other KMO stuff over the years (usually in bargain bins) but think this was his best shot. No I wasn't one of the luck three that got a gig in there house, I have never been so lucky when it comes competitions.