Sunday, 9 October 2011

Random Review #116 Saffire The Blues Uppity Blues Women - LIve And Uppity

C10S1CD6 I always worry when I first number I pull out of my music listening lottery is number 9 or 10 as I know it’s a good chance that it’s a Blues album and although I used to listen to a lot of Blues I haven’t for  a long time. I still like and appreciate Blues, I guess that I just prefer to listen to other types of music now. I was right about the genre and interestingly I CD I didn’t choose to buy. This album was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who discovered it on a listening post in a big CD store in Florida whilst I was carrying out a CD version of ‘Supermarket Sweep’ that I have often re-enacted in America depending on the exchange rate! She came across and said I had to buy it the music was great and lyrics hilarious. So in the basket it went with a multitude of others. I think I have played it a couple of times in the last 10 years but truthfully I haven’t really paid as much attention to it as it deserves and so again my enforced listening process has given me an opportunity to listen to something I wouldn’t have picked myself.

As the title implies the Artists are Women but I would disagree with the Uppity part, these are three middle aged woman having a great time, they know what they want (and more of THAT later) and they know how to party! It’s recorded live and it’s acoustic blues, piano, upright bass and guitar with the three women sharing lead vocals depending on the tracks. The between song banter is as interesting as the songs to be honest you get three woman who are totally at ease with themselves their musical partners and with want they do, and that is really endearing, but I can’t do a review of this album without talking about the subject matter of the songs as this is what makes this blues album different from the rest!

Their songs cover a lot of the regular Blues subjects, love, sex, partying, and hard times but are written from the perspective of middle aged woman with sense of humour that will make you at least smile but more likely laugh out loud. Cold Pizza and Warm Beer reflects on the morning after the party, when the kitchen looks like a bomb site, You Can Have My Husband is a warning to a woman as to which one of the singers 2 men she can have, and Mr Insurance Man is straight out of a Carry On film or a Benny Hill sketch as the lyrics talk about ‘coming round’ and ‘showing me the size of your premium’. Yet all of these pale into insignificance to the raucous ‘Silver Beaver’ The title says it all there is no innuendo here it’s full on and not subtle. I laughed out loud and I’m smiling now as write this. Watch the video if you dare
I doubt I will listen to this CD for another few years but it really cheered me up this week.

Mark 7/10

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