Sunday, 27 February 2011

February Music Purchases

After last month I thought I would keep a track of what I bought on a monthly basis so here we go.....

Radiohead - King of Limbs Like most of the world I downloaded this last week, at first it felt like background music but 5 listens in their album is a grower, it's not as accessible as In Rainbows but it certainly has tunes on it. If you believe the Internet hype this is only half of the album and the rest coming in the summer. Oh yeah if you get  chance check out this Thom Yorke mash up on Youtube of him dancing to Single Ladies brilliant!

Edie Bricknell and The New Bohemians Shooting Rubber Bands At the Stars Had this on cassette years ago saw it in a charity shop and thought why not, great album including What I Am.

Midlake - Bamnan and Silvercork Always knew Midlake had released an album prior to the beautiful Trails Of Van Occupanther and this is it, sounds more like Grandaddy and appears to be Midlake before they discussed Fleetwood Mac, good all the same but different to the band I know and love.

Grizzly Bear - Yellow House I love Grizzly Bear but only have Veckatimest this is good and has all the hallmarks of Grizzly Bear and only cost me £5 a bargain!

The Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain recommended by my mate @samwass as part of his Twitter #masterpieces (see previous post) bought on his recommendation and a nice album, Sam was convinced they were going to be massive, guess we all have a few bands like that in our music collections!

Rush - Times Stand Still :The Collection about 30 years ago when I was a spotty teenager all my mates were into Rush, and although I didn't really listen to them I was sure for some reason I didn't like them. So 30 years on and Rush are still going and I still listen to rock music sometimes so I thought I would give them ago. All I can say is that I haven't been missing anything for the last 3 decades hated every second of this and it's already on the pile to give away. Bombastic twaddle. Sorry Rush fans it's not for me!

Air - Moon Safari  my second re-purchase of the month, the older I get the more copies of the same album I buy, damn you technology! I had a Mini Disc (remember them?) copy of this album. I have always loved this album and would say Air have never bettered it.

The Czars - Before.....But Longer I can now relax as my Czars back catalogue is complete love this band and hoping that John Grant plays a couple of Czars tracks when I see him in concert next month. Like all their other releases this is quality Americana. Beautiful stuff. Oh Yeah and only £3 I love Fopp Records!!!

The National - The Boxer I was very very late to the party with regard to The National and I have really been missing out. Now that I have my Czars back catalogue sorted I have started on The Nationals.

Dave Matthews Band - Live In New York City  some people that would know me would say why do I need another DMB live album? I have at last count 37 Dave Matthews Band CD's the vast majority being live concerts, and 3 box sets of live concerts and 6 DVD's of live concerts but hey I can guarantee there will be something new on there for me. There always is! I love this band and it might be very uncool to say that in the UK but I don't really care!.

Adele - 21 This will the year that Adele takes over the world, and on the back of this album it won't take long. Her tickets for a concert in Newcastle sold out in 3 minutes recently. The album is amazing songs showcasing her powerhouse voice. Oh yeah and for the guy that the album is written about unlucky mate!
Check out this video of Adele performing at The Brits she stole the show with this performance.

Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way this is my find of the month, recommended by Amazon as someone I might like I took a chance and ordered the CD blind. I haven't stopped playing it since. It is brilliant Brother and Sister? taking turns to sing lead vocals on what are some of the most fragile and beautiful songs I have heard in a long time. The line from Walk It Off  'I never wanted you to go, but I'd be the last to tell you so'  breaks my heart every time I hear it. Buy this you won't regret it!

So that's it I think I haven't managed to get all this for around £50 which ain't bad but 2 months on I now realise I but a lot more music the I used to admit to myself!

.....and if anybody wants a Rush CD just let me know!!


  1. Air - did you ever hear the session they did for Lamacq years ago where they did a guitar version of "Kelly Watch The Stars" - only ever heard it twice, absolute genius.

    Rush - on your own there, a coaster maybe...

  2. Haven't heard the version you mention but I can imagine it being amazing.

    Found one Rush fan but they already had it, heading into the Charity shop bag!