Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Random Review #14 Catherine Feeny - Hurricane Glass

C1S4CD11 Column 1 in my collection is Country and Americana, and the random slection leads me to Catherine Feeny. I saw CAtherine Feeny supporting Dr John in 2006 and it seemed a strange choice of support I suspect picked more to promote Miss Feeny's new CD rather than to marry the music style of the main act.

Saying that I enjoyed the support acts 40 minutes or so enough to purchase the CD on the night and have played it on a regular basis ever since. Hurricane Glass looks like it has been released twice once in 2006 (this version) and again in 2007 different cover and couple of extra tracks, that pangs of a strong record company backing believing they have a product that the public what and should hear, but I'm sure that Catherine Feeny didn't make the waves that they expected and truthfully I don't think we have heard of her since.

The album has some beautifully crafted songs on Mr Blue and I Still Don't Believe You are good enough to grace any release and over all I wonder why we haven't heard more from Catherine Feeny, but I think it's just one of those things. I could and might write a blog titled, Trust Me They Will Be Massive as we all have albums by artists that we think will be huge and we never hear from them again.

This is a great debut release that left us with lots of promise, I notice that I also have a version of Bruce Springsteen I'm On Fire by this artist, which was given away with a music magazine which is excellent and shows an artist confident in her skills. If Catherine Feeny was to release another album I would buy it and that is a recommendation in itself.


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