Thursday, 10 February 2011

Random Review #16 2011 Pete Yorn Musicforthemorningafter

C7S6CD12 Pete Yorn came to me from the pages from Vogue and Elle as in 2004 he seemed to be all over the pages of the fashion magazines as one to watch. I think it was his brooding dark looks and the fact that he seemed to be hanging round with with the fashionista but truthfully it had all to do with his music which was fresh and burst onto the scene full of purpose.

I remember Just Another being used in the US teen drama Dawson's Creek, it merged into Damien Rice's Blowers Daughter at a point when some young teenage girl had to pick between to guys fighting for her attentions. Just Another seemed perfect for this as the the lyrics go from some guy declaring his love for a girl before stating "you're just another girl...." Pete Yorn's songs are perfect for American dramas giving backing to the most  emotional scenes with songs which are understated but heartfelt.

So back to the album, it opens with Life On A Chain which bass line bounces along like as if it's been pinched from a New Order song (maybe it has!) it has a great chorus and I guess Pete's vocals could only be from New York. Other highlights are Just Another, Strange Condition, and my favourite For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is) this has everything that is good with Pete Yorn, driving guitar and great hooks, and in my opinion one of the coolest titles for a song ever!

If I could level one criticism at this album it would be it's too long, 14 tracks and 1 hidden track, (don't get me started on hidden tracks just a waste of time!) we have allowed quantity to overtake quality, this album would have been a great 10 or 11 track album but looses it's way toward the end of the CD. Note to all musicians out there, in the days of vinyl albums were only 40-45 minutes long and that was OK, just because you can fit in excess of 70 minutes on a CD doesn't mean you have to!!

Pete Yorn has gone on to release a further 5 studio albums and a live release all of which are great and the critical acclaimed Break Up with Scarlett Johansson was a gem of a release. (only 32 minutes long) but Musicforthemorningafter is a great place to start with Pete Yorn, like this and you'll like all the rest!

Mark 7/10

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