Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Random Review #24 White Rabbits - It's Frightening

C7S5CD13 I know very little about White Rabbits, I bought this in a record shop sale for £3 as I was looking for some new music and I thought I had read somewhere that these guys were good and fairly new to the music scene. I haven't learnt much since other than I think this is their second album and they are a 6 piece band from New York City.

I suspect the fact that I don't know much about the band reflects how much of an impression this album made on me when I first listened to it. If I really like an album I start researching the band to understand where they have come from and whether they have anymore music I can get my hands on. A case in point is John Grant and The Czars. The Czars had always been on my radar but I had never bought any of their music then I heard John Grants solo album Queen of Denmark and within 3 weeks had bought the whole of The Czars back catalogue. White Rabbits didn't have that effect on me but listening to it now I think I might start doing a bit research!

I defy anybody who has heard Adam Ants - Ant Music not to start singing it over opening track Percussion Gun, pinched drum beat aside the track is great and sets the pace for the rest of the album.

The quality of the 10 tracks over all is good, with drum beats featuring heavily on a lot of the tracks, If I had to compare the band I would say their sound fall somewhere between The Editors and The National with a pinch of Local Natives thrown in for good measure.

Stand out track for me are Percussion Gun, Midnight and I, and They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong.

If you like your indie pop on the melodic side of the fence then this is a a great album that might be a little off the beaten track.

Mark 7/10

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