Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Random Review #19 Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart

C1S2CD5 For those who don't know Isobel and Mark, she was the singer in Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian and and he was singer in US grunge band The Screaming Trees and therefore make an unlikely pairing for a dueting couple singing Americana tunes, but they continue with each release to prove that sometimes the most unlikely pairings make the most beautiful noise.

This release was the third for the duet and is billed as an EP as it is only 6 tracks and apparently these were tracks left other from the the recording of Sunday At Devil Dirt and although these were the tracks left off the main release this does not lessen the quality of this release.
Campbell's vocals are all hushed and beautiful whilst Lanegan vocals are somewhere between Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits so there is a real contrast and this is why it works.

This release is a great way to get an introduction to Campbell and Lanegan 5 songs with them sharing the vocals and a instrumental (Violin Tango). Stand out tracks are the title track Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart and Rambling Rose, Clinging Vine which both highlight the beautiful vocals of these two.

This album is over way to quickly and I suspect that you will quickly be buying the duets other 3 albums which are all of exceptional quality.

These 2 artists have released albums individually but it is together that they seem to excel a formula that they would stick to.

Mark 8/10

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