Sunday, 13 February 2011

Random Review #17 2011 Lewis Taylor - Lewis II

C6S11CD2 Of all the music I have Lewis Taylor is possibly the hardest music I have to categories. Funk, Jazz, Soul, Progressive Rock all seem to be find their way into a Lewis Taylor release and that is what first attracted me to his music.

There is very little on the Internet about Lewis Taylor as he has intentionally removed video's, fan pages, etc from the Internet. I'm not sure why he has done this but every man has his reasons.....If I had Lewis Taylor's body of work I would be delighted that people wanted to talk about it.

OK so rant over onto the music, as the title eludes to this is Lewis Taylor's second album, and was much anticipated about his debut the blew critics and music lovers away. That said, Lewis II was a bit of a disappointment, it had all the elements of his debut, soulful vocals, numerous timing and key changes, layered harmonies and blistering guitar work but what it lacks is the killer tunes. Listening to it again it is not as disappointing as I remembered but it is not as good as I wanted it to be. Some of the songs jar you, with too many timing changes and make the songs stop and start where as his debut made he timing changes draw you in and pull you along with the song these seem to push you away. It also seems to try too hard to replicate the successful formula of the debut and because of this seems slightly over produced. There are still things to like on this album tracks Lewis II, And Blues Eyes certainly live up to the expectation but most of the other tracks fail to live up to Lewis Taylor's high standards. The album finishes with a cover of Jeff Buckley's Everybody Here Wants You, and where Jeff Buckley managed to take other peoples songs and make them his own, Hallelujah and Lilac Wine for example, Lewis Taylor's version of Everybody here Wants You is virtually a replica of Jeff;s version and therefore seems pointless.

I seem to have slagged this album off and in truth its not one of my favourites, it's a good few years since I have listened to it and I suspect given the choice I would always pick another one of Lewis' releases and if I I was recommending a Lewis Taylor album to buy I would say buy his debut Lewis Taylor you'll love it!

Mark 5/10

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