Monday, 24 January 2011

Gig #1 2011 The Smoke Fairies The Sage Gateshead

My first gig of the year saw me buying a ticket on the back of a recommendation from Classic Rock magazine that this band was one to watch in 2011. So I bought a ticket for £9 (bargain) and wandered down to The Sage to see what all the hype was about.

The support for the night was Sea of Bees, quirky looking like an American from the 70's transported to the stage from an episode of the Partridge Family! Although the music was not to my taste I found Sea of Bees engaging and passionate about what they are doing and that is enough for me. Next up was Jonny and Lucy a folk duo, Jonny from Newcastle and Lucy from Kent although OK, they seems unprofessional, "we made a set list but we left it in the dressing room", "I forget the CDs if you want to by one give the money and we'll post it" "what time is it, have we got time for another" really pissed me off. 1000's of bands would give their right arm to have a chance like this and to not do the best you can is just a waste!

So Smoke Fairies, famous endorsements aside (Jack White likes them!) Smoke Fairies were unlike anything I have heard before, at times they sounded like a Gothic Clannad, and other tracks lead me to think of Midlake with medieval overtones however all of these references are unfare as what they have is a unique sound.

They played for a hour and finished with a Killing Joke cover, stamped with their own style all over it!

I expect great things for Smoke Fairies and expect to hear a lot more of them and look out for their album Through Low Light and Trees this could be the start of something big.

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