Saturday, 1 January 2011

Random Reviews 2011

OK as you can see I have a few CD's by my rough calculating about 1800 on the shelves you can see. That doesn't include the box sets on the top, digital downloads, and stuff I haven't listened to yet, (it doesn't get sorted until it's been listened to at least twice!) but it's a good few to be starting with.

The Cd's are sorted by genre and alphabetically (sad I know) but truthfully their is a lot of CD's I haven't listened to in a long time and I have decided to do something about this in 2011.

So here is the plan, using a very complicated system (numbered cards in envelopes!) it's my intention to randomly select a CD at least three times a week and review the said CD) When I thought this up I was going to do a CD a day but realistically I don't think I could do this, so a minimum of 3 per week seems achievable, some might be old favourites and some might be re-discoveries and in one or two cases it might be Cd's I forgot I had!

I'm going to be a true as I can to the card selection, but as we all know from watching the lottery numbers sometimes "the balls fall strangely" and much that I'd be happy to review Dave Matthews Band Cd's for weeks on end I'm sure you'd get bored of yet another review of a 30 minute jam of the song #41, so maybe every now and again I might have to throw one back but hey I'll let you know!

Right I'm off to pick the first CD of 2011 so hold tight, I'll be back soon!

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