Saturday, 29 January 2011

Random Review #12 The Delgados - Universal Audio

C3S2CD7 When I picked this CD off the rack I could not remember what The Delgados sounded like, I had bought this CD about 6 or 7 years ago and played it once or twice before filing it. I haven't played it since, and this is where this exercise is really helpful as it is forcing me to listen to music I don't remember.

Saying that I have played it again and now know why it has stayed on the rack untouched buy human hand, for me it's just such a 'grey' album, I'm sitting here trying to get animated about this album but can't either to be nasty or nice about it. It doesn't move me in anyway and that's the problem.

The music is jangly indie pop, with vocals being shared between and male and female vocalist, I should look up their names but really I can't be bothered. The songs are ok and inoffensive and that's the problem for me, they just wash over me and leave me wondering if I have listened to the album or not and nothing sticks with me.

This might be somebody else's favourite album but it ain't mine. I must have bought it blind on the back of a review as I can't find one song that would make me buy it.

Picking random CD's from my collection was a way to force me to reconnect and rediscover some of my music, I'm 12 reviews in now and it has done actually that, but it's also made me realise that I have CD's I don't play for a reason and have no reason to keep them. I have 2 that are going free to a good home when I have a few more I'll list and if people want them they can have them.

I'm sorry to say this but The Delgados you are out of here!

Mark 2/10

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