Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Random Review 2011 #5 Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms

C5S10CD15 Leads me to Patrick - Watson Wooden Arms. So where do I start, here is what I know or what I think I know about the band called Patrick Watson.

Although Patrick Watson is the mainstay of the band, Patrick Watson is a band rather than an individual and they hail from Canada, Quebec I think, although don't hold me to that.

If you add their music to your i-tunes library it automatically categorises the music as 'Rock' and truthfully the music of Patrick Watson is miles away from Rock as I see it.

I'm not sure how I came to have CD's by Patrick Watson, I bought Close To Paradise first, and I bought this blind on the back of a review (I do this a lot!) I think they said that the music was progressive and being a fan of Porcupine Tree, Pure Reason Revolution, and Black Mountain I took a chance on finding some new progressive rock music. What I got was not what I expected but something truly exciting. Patrick Watson are progressive if you mean they they are progressing music in a way that is not being done anywhere else, like Radiohead did after they threw the book out after OK Computer then they are progressive. I can only describe the music as Radiohead playing folk music, the songs on the most are unstructured to some extend and sometimes build adding layer on layer of sound until you are completely engrossed in the music. I have no idea how many instruments were played on this CD but I'm sure it ain't just guitar, bass, and drums!

I found it hard to listen to this CD in the car, some music is easy to listen to in the car, driving chorus', and dashboard thumping lyrics. Some songs lend themselves to the car, (Don Henley's Boys of Summer for example) but this CD demands your attention and forces you to concentrate on the music, it pulls you in and when driving this might not be the best idea! Eyes front watch the road! I deserves your full attention sitting relaxing, with a good glass of red wine, if you are so inclined. You should give yourself the opportunity to become lost in the CD and let the beauty immerse you.

The stand out tracks for me are Beijing, and Big Bird In A Small Cage which is simply stunning. It reminds me of Sufjan Stevens Size Too Small a fragile masterpiece of a song. The vocals sound a bit like Devendra Banhart singing Radiohead around the time of Kid A, with the volume turned down to 5. That might sound mad but this is how it sounds in my head.

Both of the Patrick Watson CD's I have are great, my favourite track is The Great Escape from the previous album and I'm not even sure how many CD the band have released ( I know of at least one more) but have listened to this CD again I'm off to find more Patrick Watson music.

If you like the music of Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead and Devendra Banhart and also like a challenge then I highly recommend this CD. Take a chance I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Mark 8/10

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