Saturday, 29 January 2011

Random Review #13 2011 July For Kings - Swim

C4S5CD78 I can vividly remember where I was when I first heard July For Kings, I was in a Footlocker, in a shopping mall in Orlando Florida. As you can imagine I was trying to buy a pair of trainers, a right of passage for all England tourists in Orlando. I once had the misfortune of flying direct to Orlando from Newcastle, most of the passengers flew out wearing their football shirts, (mostly Newcastle and Sunderland) and returned 2 weeks later, looking like, sun burnt, bloated Eninem clones in basketball tops and brand new sneakers! The British abroad is a whole other blog so lets get back to the music.

I heard July For Kings in the shop a video was playing and whilst I was trying on trainers I was transfixed by the tune Normal Life a slice of American Rock with a great chorus, it talk about having a fast car and a pretty wife and painted a picture everything that is good about life in America. After leaving the shop I headed to the nearest music shop to purchase July For Kings Swim and wasn't disappointed with the rest of the album.

I love America rock, and I even like English rock that sounds like America rock, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Goo Goo Dolls, Dishwalla, Matchbox Twenty the list could go but I won't I'll get back to album in hand. July For Kings. I believe they were dropped after this album and have played about releasing mini albums and singer Joe Hedges has released a solo album but nothing has matched this album.

The album starts properly with Normal Life and then Girlfriend which are typical slices of soft rock, killer choruses tight guitars flying around the the chorus and lyrics that paint a picture of somebody having a great life. The album is two are three tracks long and a couple just fall into a standard formula, quiet opening with acoustic strumming behind the vocals, builds to chorus and then electric guitars clashng round the middle of the song then finish back with the acoustic moments. Having said that New Black Car is great and I have know idea why July For Kings never got the success they deserved.

Music is like this isn't as popular as it is in the States but the following is growing, people are starting to realise that good tunes can't be kept down.

Mark 7/10

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