Monday, 24 January 2011

Random Review 2011 #10 Bobby Womack - Understanding

C8S11CD12 If you have Gorillaz critically acclaimed album Plastic Beach then you have heard the sweet vocals of Bobby Womack.

Bobby Womack started in a gospel group The Valentinos I think, before deciding to chance his arm at mainstream soul. Through the years he has dipped back into Gospel -(Back to My Roots), Disco, Country and Western (BW does CW) all with a certain amount of success.

Understanding finds Bobby in a soul mood, but on the whole it's a pretty mixed bunch, the good the bad and the down right ugly!

I suspect that only 2 of these would make it onto a Bobby Womack Greatest Hits, The opening I Can Understand It, 6.30 minutes of Bobby at his best driving soul and killer hooks, and the closing Harry Hippie with Bobby putting his signature all of this classic track. sandwiched between these tracks is a couple of dreadful cover And I Love Her (The Beatles) and Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond) both are truthfully awful and are nowhere near as good as the originals and therefore I question why to do them in the first place. Simple Man is worth a mention all full of Sly and The Family Stone fuzzy driving bass and vocals that belong to James Brown.

There are far places to experience Bobby Womack any greatest hits package that should also include Across 110th Street (classically used by Taratino in Jackie Brown) and what I think is Bobby best cover California Dreamin' which is just sublime. The Poet is seen as Bobby's greatest album release and I can't disagree with that.

I love Bobby Womack but this isn't his greatest work and not the best place to jump in!

Mark 5/10

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